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Welcome to T.C. Trading Company

Conveniently located on the United States-Canadian border in Blaine, Washington, T.C. Trading Company offers the highest quality of service to both domestic and international markets. As a full-service company, we offer warehousing, distribution, freight forwarding, dry, freezer, and cold storage services. T.C. Trading Company is a government approved Import/Export Inspection facility (# I-207, Export USDA Meat #18073). Our facility is a US Customs Bonded, FDA secured warehouse.

For more information about our overall services, please contact Phillip Hayes, Operations Manager, at (360) 332-5656 or email him directly at Phillip@tctradingcompany.com

T.C. Trading Company, Inc., 1755 Boblett Street, Blaine WA 98230 - 360-332-5656


T.C. Trading Company Inc., is commited to assisting our customers with all their transportation needs. Whether you need your product delivered across the state, over the border, or around the world, we can make it happen. In a hurry? We offer same day and next day delivery service to British Coumbia, Washington, and Oregon. No matter how small or unique your transportation needs are, we'll help you find a solution.

To find out more about our transportation services, please contact us at (360) 332-5656 ext. 1083 or email directly to Phillip@tctradingcompany.com.

Our Commitment to you

We strive to take care of our customers from the time their products are stored in our facility to the point of delivery. We are dedicated to providing superior service for you, our valued customer. We recognize the importance of properly handling even the smallest detail to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to build a partnership with you that will last a life-time.

T.C. Trading Company, Inc., 1755 Boblett Street, Blaine WA 98230 - 360-332-5656


Warehousing and Storage Services

As a fully integrated warehouse and storage facility, T.C. Trading Company provides a wide range of services that are sure to meet your every warehouse need. You will find our warehouse staff professionals experienced in providing service to your daily operations along with exceptional customer service. Our senior management stays involved in all aspects of our warehouse services assuring a smooth-running program from receiving to final distribution. You can be assured that T.C. Trading Company's high standards are met throughout the entire service process.

Warehouse Storage Options:

  • Dry Storage
  • Chilled Storage
  • Freezer Storage
  • Refrigerated Dock Storage

    We provide the following warehouse and storage services:

  • Single Story, fully racked facility
  • Temperature controlled warehouse space (-20 to +45 Fahrenheit capabilities)
  • Over 26 interior and exterior security cameras and temperature control security monitoring system
  • Refrigerated dock with 8 doors and powered ramps
  • Expanisive refrigerated dock allowing fast product movement in a controlled temperature staging area
  • On-Site generator in case of emergency shut-down
  • 24-hour secured web access to inventory data
  • Same day, short, and long term storage
  • Specialized product handling
  • Cross docking, labeling and sorting
  • Pick and Pack
  • Same-day order shipping
  • Trans-loading
  • Shipment consolidation, containerized loading, and bulk storage
  • Distribution storage
  • U.S. customs bonded, FDA secured warehouse
  • Truck driver's lounge
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    Cruise Ship

    Currently Serving Over 26 Cruise Ships in Washington and British Columbia

    Since 1996, T.C. Trading Company has been a leader in providing distribution services to over 26 cruise ships departing the Port of Seattle, WA, Port of Vancouver, B.C., and Port of Victoria, B.C. Our experienced Cruise Ship Services Team is committed to provide our cruise ship vendors with excellent customer service. We offer a 24 hour web-access real-time inventory tracking that promotes inventory control and customer satisfaction. We will receive, inspect, count, track, pick, cross dock, and service your shipment products while accurately distributing your products faster, and more cost effectively. We will also manage all your inbound and outbound shipments to your specifications. As leaders in the cruise ship services industry, we offer the following:

    Experienced Cruise Ship Services Team trained specifically to service and support cruise ship vendors

  • U.S. and Canadian Customs Bonded carrier authority
  • U.S. Customs Bonded Warehouse
  • Consolidation co-load services
  • USDA export services #18073
  • CFIA processing and release for direct on-time delivery to ship stores
  • Scanned to file proof of deliveries
  • 24 hour, web access real-time inventory system for cruise ship clients
  • Preparation of export documentation
  • After hours and weekend on-call staff person available to assist cruise ship vendors
  • T.C. Trading Company, Inc. 1755 Boblett Street, Blaine, WA 98230 - 360-332-5656


    USDA Import and Export Services

    (#I-207, Export #18073)

    As a USDA import and export inspection facility, we offer an array of government approved services.

  • Import and export services to domestic and international markets
  • 24-hour secured web-access to USDA import tracking site
  • On-line import status report service on all shipments
  • Customers on-line export service to Mexico and selected foreign countries
  • Knowledge of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulations
  • Import and export freight forwarding transportation service
  • Preparation and distribution of USDA import and export documentation

    Please contact our USDA Relations Coordinator, Arturo Flores at (360) 332- 5656 ext. 1032 or email or directly at Arturo@tctradingcompany.com for more information.

    USDA Import Inspection Station

  • Meat, poultry and egg inspection on-site
  • Full-time USDA Inspector on location (Import meat and egg)
  • Preparation and distribution of USDA import and export documentation
  • Experienced staff on-site who are knowledgeable about USDA policies and regulations
  • Two government approved inspection rooms
  • 24-hour secured web access to USDA Import Tracking site
  • T.C. Trading Company Inc, 1755 Boblett Street, Blaine, WA 98230 - 360-332-5656


    T.C. Trading Company, Inc., 1755 Boblett Street, Blaine WA 98230 - 360-332-5656