USDA Import and Export Services
USDA Import and Export Services

(#I-207, Export #18073)

As a USDA import and export inspection facility, we offer an array of government approved services.
  • Import and export services to domestic and international markets
  • 24-hour secured web-access to USDA import tracking site
  • On-line import status report service on all shipments
  • Customers on-line export service to Mexico and selected foreign countries
  • Knowledge of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulations
  • Import and export freight forwarding transportation service
  • Preparation and distribution of USDA import and export documentation


 Please contact our USDA Relations Assistant, Jill Stephens at (360)  332- 5656 ext. 1032 or email or directly at  for  more  information.

    USDA Import Inspection Station

  • Meat, poultry and egg inspection on-site
  • Full-time USDA Inspector on location (Import meat and egg)
  • Preparation and distribution of USDA import and export documentation
  • Experienced staff on-site who are knowledgeable about USDA policies and regulations
  • Two government approved inspection rooms
  • 24-hour secured web access to USDA Import Tracking site

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