Thomas C. Hayes

Sonia Arévalo-Hayes
Co-owner VP of Operations and Human Resources
Ext. 1009

Victoria Lavert
Accounting Manager
Ext. 1044

Karen Knutzen
Accounts Receivable

Sonia Arévalo-Hayes
Vice President of Human Resources
Ext. 1009

Phillip Hayes
Senior Operations Manager
Ext. 1083

Aaron Lonborg
Transportation Coordinator

Jill Stephens
Administrative Specialist

Vince Froggatt
Warehouse Operations Manager

Josh Lange
Assistant Manager, Warehouse Operations
Ext. 1035

Chris Corey
Assistant Warehouse Manager
Ext. 1035

Alisa Burk
Warehouse Office Receptionist
Ext. 1035

Tammy Neely
Warehouse Office Coordinator
Ext. 1076

Bryan Ledoschuk
Facility Maintenance Manager
Ext. 1036

Jordan Villars
Warehouse Night Shift Supervisor

Matt Werner
Warehouse Supervisor

Arturo Hernandez
Warehouse Assistant Lead

Richard Piccini
Warehouse Assistant Lead

Phillip Hayes
General Sales Manager

Ben Hayes
Export Supervisor
Ext. 1016

Clinton Viereck
USDA Import Warehouse Coordinator

Chris Tengan
Export Specialist

Dale Tateyama
Export /Warehouse Coordinator
Ext. 1017
Ismael Arévalo
Computer Network Engineer
Ext. 1043


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